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Ralph arrived home less than an hour ago ---------- the puppies are "gorgeous".
In about six months or so we will be looking for one or two females.
Thank you for your service and you operate your business with great professionalism.Your puppies are amazing Bichon Frises ---- if you would ever want a reference please consider us.
Kay and Ralph DeWitt
Pepper, Gaucho, Phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!

We received Yuri. Yuri arrived in Chicago O'Hare International Airport first. He went through Customs, Health check, and everything there. So when he was shipped to us in Phoenix, it was considered a Domestic flight and we had no wait time at all. And the flight was early. It worked out great! We did as you instructed; gave him water & honey, bathed & blow-dried him, and fed him. He was shaking a little bit when we got him. But now that he's clean, fed and warm he's already playful. Did you keep him in a crate when he was with you? Or were you paper-training him? So far, he's already done his business outside without a problem. We're very happy with him. He's wonderful. If there is anything he really likes (a certain kind of toy or chewie or treat), please let us know.
Thanks so much. We're very pleased.
Kind regards,
Eric & Ruth Lucas
Chandler, AZ

"Anne" arrived safely and early 9:30 am. She just came hopping out and playing like crazy. We gave her karo syrup right away and she has already got her bath. She is now sleeping. She is just beautiful and has a wonderful personality. Nikki will write you later after we get settled. Just wanted you to know she arrived safely. Nikki was wonderfully surprised - she thought we were picking up Grandpa. HA HÁ
Tracy, Kent and Nikki
Glendale, AZ


I have received many requests for references for your Bichon Puppies. I have had nothing but good things to say!
Figaro is doing wonderful. My kids fight or who gets to feed and hold him and he loves it!!
I am now thinking I might need a little girl Puppy, I am looking for one that is smaller. Figaro is 15lbs. and full of energy! I will have to wait a couple of more months though.I am very happy for you both with your Bichon Puppy sucesses.
Amanda Berry

I wanted to let you know that Tenor of Royal Windsor arrived safely on Friday. Picking him up from Varig on Friday was as you described, it took about 3 hours for them to process the paperwork. We took him home and got him cleaned up a little and then let him sleep. Yesterday afternoon he really started to open up and play and have some fun. He is a very beautiful little dog, very loving and brave. Thank you for your sending him to us, we are very happy with our little guy.
I also wanted to let you know that we would be happy to talk to anyone about buying a dog from you. I know that speaking with other people regarding the process really helped me a lot, and made me feel at ease with the process of buying a dog over the internet.
Michelle Kelley
We love you, we are so exicited to get Riley. I don't know that any puppy could be better than Clif, the Bichon we bought from you, but we will look forward to Riley's arrival. Royal Windsor kennels are the very best. We love you and we love your dogs.
Very best from Ken and Barbie

Hi guys,
Riley arrived safe and sound and ready for anything! The minute we got him home, he ate a hearty meal and played with Clif. Little or no stress was noted. We already took him to the vet and got a clean bill of health, for now. We are very happy with this very lovable dog.
At the airport, we met another couple picking up one of your female Bichons. They live in Montebello, about 50 miles from us. We tried to calm her fears and told her that you were the most reputable people we have EVER dealt with. She felt better.
Ken and Barbie Heller


She arrived this afternoon and is doing great!
We couldn't be more thrilled to have her home, and she seems really happy!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stacey
Vick to Tampa, FL - Maltese Female

Hi ,
I just wanted to write and thank you again for a beautiful Bichon. It's been a little over half a year since I purchased Royal from you and I am thankful for him everyday. You gave my number as a reference in the past to people who were interested in purchasing a puppy and I would like to extend that again because I am so confident and satisfied. I live in Miami and I love to show off my beautiful dog and his wonderful personality.
Thank you again for an amazing puppy.
Bronwen Evans

We got our puppy safe and sound and she is wonderful. She already has everyone wrapped around her little paw. We saw the other puppy, it was still waiting to be picked up when we left at 7:30 pm, our time. Thank you for this delightful gift and it was a pleasure working with you.
God Bless and thank you again,
Lynn Karp
This is just to let you know that Lucky Speed has been very funny and happy since her arrival.
She has been friendly since that. She learn things quite well, and she immediately gets along with everybody that comes to visit me at home. I also took her to some races with me, and she dind´t cause any troubles - very quiet along the flight.
Thank you for all your attention along the process, and all the best for you and your people at Royal Windsor Kennel.
Best regards,
Tony Kanaan
Miami, FL